The Future of VMware Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been around for well over a decade now and has been slowly but surely gathering momentum and popularity. There is a wide range of applications currently available through this Internet based resource and millions of users worldwide today use cloud computing to varying levels in their everyday tasks.

While the current status of cloud computing is already strong, the future of the concept definitely seems shiny. Almost all big names in the world IT arena are focusing their attention and energies towards the development of cloud computing technologies and applications. Major players in the personal computing arena such as Microsoft, Google, Sun and IBM have already come out with cloud based versions of their most popular personal and office productivity suites and applications. Additionally, these companies have also gone public with their plans of developing enterprise class applications based on cloud computing concepts.

Enterprise level service and software providers such as SAP and Oracle too have taken significant steps in offering their solutions through the medium of the cloud. Another major area of development in cloud computing has been the security appliances industry. Where earlier security companies such as Norton, MacAfee and others were focused entirely on personal computer based anti-virus and security solutions, they have now changed their stand and are quickly moving towards cloud-based security applications.

Such applications are not just more effective and easier to implement, they are also more scalable and can evolve quickly to meet emerging threats. There are already several cloud based security applications available that are quickly catching the fancy of users.

Moving away from applications, information and data storage too is undergoing a major metamorphosis due to the advent of this technology. Companies are investing less on physical storage resources and opting for centralized servers and third party, cloud based storage providers for their information and data storage requirements.

Moving away from traditional enterprise and individual user level IT applications, cloud computing has given also given rise to a whole new genre of online education and training, with the concept of e-learning quickly catching the fancy of students worldwide. There is a plethora of online classes and training courses available today that draw upon the concept of cloud computing and allow students to acquire knowledge and skills remotely.

Universities and education providers worldwide are quickly coming out with e-learning offerings. Cloud computing education and virtual classrooms have made it possible for even the most remotely based students to gain access to the most advanced programs.

With so many changes happening so quickly and interest in cloud computing piqued among people worldwide, there is no doubt that the cloud is going to be the way of the future. With promises of massive savings for enterprises and individual users alike; higher security of information; ease of access; and real time availability, cloud computing is an exciting new development in IT that is here to stay and change the way the world works.